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Essential Oil Guarantee

Because the market for essential oils and aromatherapy is still relatively new, yet growing rapidly, there are some who take advantage of the situation by secretly "stretching" oils through dilution and adulteration. Because we intend not only to set a new standard but to be the new standard in the essential oil market, every oil we provide is of the highest quality and purity. Our "single" oils are true single species essential oils - with NO carrier oils and our "blends" are true combinations of single species essential oils. All oils are guaranteed to be pure, therapeutic, raw, holistic, free from pesticides and chemicals. We carry only the finest oils that can be obtained. Our ingredients come from exotic locations around the world. All are single species essential oils  that contain no added chemicals, fillers, carriers, or additives of any kind, including vegetables or "folded" oils. Our pure single-species essential oils have NOTHING added to them and contain only the oil released during the first distillation. You will always know what you are getting with our Essential Oils.

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Our Promise: Pure Essential Oils

John Black, regarding our oils: "This is the criteria for this essential oil line genuine, authentic, unadulterated, pure, highest quality essential oils. No other company can boast this. These essential oils are totally unique because they are free from all chemicals and pesticides, guaranteed! I stake my personal claim on it - free from chemicals, free from any kind of chemical or natural adulteration, and all are single species."

Our Essential Oil Professionals
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Essentials are the World's Finest
  • All single oils are derived from single species.
  • All blends are combinations of single species oils.
  • All of our oils are both GC and MS tested and an analysis of both is performed by John Black.
  • Each essential oil is inspected by a third-party source to ensure that it meets the strictest guidelines for purity, authenticity, and therapeutic value.
  • Before crops are distilled into the oils, each crop is carefully examined for traces of chemicals or pesticides. Only after it is determined to be completely free from these adulterations are the crops then distilled into our essential oils.
  • Our essential oils guarantee you the best prices for the highest quality oils.
  • We have three independent watch-dogs. These professional aromatherapists help select our oils, monitor our written materials, advise us on the oil market worldwide, and provide quality control over our oil selections.
  • We will NOT raise the cost of an oil because the "market will bear it".

Enjoy Tremendous Aromatic, Health and  Life Enhancements With Essential Oils

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