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What Are Therapeutic Essential Oils?

Therapeutic Essential Oils are very different from "pure" essential Oils. 

A pure essential oil is one that does not contain added chemicals or additives of any kind, including vegetable oils. A pure essential oil has nothing added to it. However, a pure oil does not necessarily have a high therapeutic value. In fact, the therapeutic benefits of a pure oil can be very low. 

 What you are looking for is a pure essential oil that has the highest therapeutic content. Here are some things to ask about the oils you are considering:

  • Are the oils from the first distillation? 

Some plants are distilled 7 times. Our essential oils are pure essential oils released during the first distillation. Our Ylang Ylang Extra is an example of our quality. Most oil companies use a level 3 oil. The word Extra in our Ylang Ylang means it is the top 1/3 of the first distillation.

  • Is anything added to the oil after distillation?

Most commonly producers extend the oils by simply adding alcohol, propylene glycol, or acetate to the distilled essential oil. Our oils are not chemically altered or changed by additives. We believe products used on the body should be void of harmful chemicals. 

  • Are chemical solvents injected into the water during the distillation process?

Our oils have no solvents added to the distillation water.


1. If all of the oils are the same, or similar cost. Therapeutic Essential Oils should vary a great deal in cost. This is because it can take a large amount of raw plant material to create an ounce of therapeutic oil.

2. If the term "Grade A" is used. The term Grade A is a USDA designation that applies to eggs, butter, cheese, and meat. It is not a grading system for essential oils in the United States.

3. If chemical additives are used. Chemical additives can DESTROY the therapeutic properties of essential oils.

4. Folded oils - The term folded refers to oils that have been redistilled several times to remove constituents, with the aim of changing the scent of the oil for use in the food and drug industry. However, therapeutic qualities are important, and folded oils are unsuitable for use in aromatherapy.

5. Synthetic oils - Synthetic fragrances are produced by blending chemicals derived mainly from coal tar. They are not suitable for Aromatherapy, and are sold at a fraction of the cost of true therapeutic quality oils.

7. Watch for tricky terms, such as "aromatherapy quality".

8. Smell the oil to compare, you will be able to tell a difference.

We do not distribute oils that have been folded. We guarantee that our essential oils are single-species, therapeutic-quality oils. Our oils do not have chemical or pesticide residue. Our Essential Oils are pure Essential Oils released during the FIRST DISTILLATION. After distillation, they are not chemically altered or changed by additives. 

True Therapeutic Essential Oils

A few of the naturally occurring chemical constituents found in essential oils include flavonoids, which increase blood flow and cellular oxygenation; terpenes, which help detoxify the body; phenols, which are antibacterial and antiseptic; and ketones, which stimulate cell and tissue regeneration. Over 200 have been identified.

Their unique molecular structure gives essential oils the ability to penetrate cell walls to transport oxygen, nutrients, and the above mentioned chemical constituents, and so much more. Chemical additives fracture the molecular structure of essential oils, altering their chemical constituents, thus destroying their therapeutic properties. One of the causes of disease is the inability of nutrients to penetrate the cell walls. By penetrating the cell walls, pure essential oils transport nutrients and oxygen to the cells -- nourishing, cleansing, detoxifying, increasing blood circulation, mobilizing the body's own self-healing powers. 


Enjoy Tremendous Aromatic, 
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